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January 2012 Graduating Class

 CCTG is proud to kick off 2012 with our January class. This was once again a very talented class with a diverse array of backgrounds. We had a real estate developer, Equipment Lease salesmen, Engineer that owned several businesses, Former Vice President of a Fortune 500 company, A restaurant owner and former medical device salesman, A Wells Fargo Futures and Commodities agent, A financial planner, and a former CFO and Treasurer to several billion dollar a year companies. Good luck to you all! 

February 2012 Graduating Class

The February 2012 graduating class once again proved how talented people all across the nation trusted their future endeavors with the CCTG program. We eager and talented entrepreneurs from all parts of the country eager to start their own commercial finance business. We had a Venture Capital fund raiser, a West Point Graduate and IT project manager, Former Business Owner and Real Estate Investor, An Allstate Insurance Broker, A Multiple Franchise owner of several franchises including Subways, and business brokerage firm, A partner in an Insurance and Real Estate Investment firm with a MBA, A former Branch Manager at JP Morgan Chase, A Construction Manager and Equipment Leasing Broker, and a person who already owns a diverse Commercial Finance Company and came to diversify their business model. We even had a person who attended another loan broker training company that was highly disappointed with the quality of training and lenders that the company gave him. Good luck to you all!

March 2012 Graduating Class

We had another great class in March with a very talented array of people. Our graduates included a former capital raiser who was responsible for opening up divisions for companies such as DuPont and many others, an RN, an asset recovery business owner, an insurance salesmen and retail manager, a residential mortgage and commercial mortgage broker who owned a large mortgage business in the state of LA and came here to further expand their product offerings, a finance major who is currently in college, a business to business salesmen, a former investment banker now currently runs a successful bar and grill and is looking to get back into this business.

April 2012 Graduating Class

Congratulations to our April class this year. This was a class filled with ex-bankers who wanted a career change. The class consisted of a former US bank banker, a residential mortgage professional, a former residential home builder, an engineer and former manufacturing manager, an ex-banker, a CPA for a publicly traded company, former residential mortgage broker, former commercial banker from a community bank, a former skilled nursing home owner, a 30 year veteran in the commercial banking industry and another residential mortgage broker. Congratulations to you all!

May 2012 Graduating Class

This month we had a small but very dynamic and talented group who attended our training. We had a Software Sales Engineer, A Successful Business man that was doing a small portion of this business already for the last two years, A former Residential Mortgage Originator with JP Morgan, A Banker, and a MBA who was now a Commercial Real Estate Software salesmen. It was a pleasure teaching you all and much success to everybody!

June 2012 Graduating Class 


This month was a very exciting month as once again we had a very diverse group of people: We had an Insurance Salesmen, Attorney, Debt Collector and who served 4 years in the Army, Former Government Contractor, an Executive in the Oil Refinery business, a former Police Officer and Investigator and former businessmen, an IT Engineer, and a Commercial Banker. Good luck to you all and for those that have served our country ..Thank You! 

July 2012 Graduating Class

This July presented a talented group of professionals looking to expand their careers in commercial lending. We had a stock broker, a commercial debt collection agency owner, a construction company owner, a financial advisor and hedge fund manager, derivatives and fixed income broker, a seasoned entrepreneur owning several businesses, a Russian Banker, a specialized hospitality consultant and advisor, a former commercial banker, and two CPA’s. Congratulations and good luck to you all!

August 2012 Graduating Class

We had a another strong attendance in August of talented individuals looking to change their career path. We had a former banker and business owner, two financial planners, an IT consultant, a CPA, a Financial Advisor, a former mortgage broker and business owner, a oversees contractor, and an insurance broker. You guys were a pleasure to have in class and good luck to you all!

September 2012 Graduating Class

September proved to be another very diverse successful group of professionals. We even had a Harvard Grad attend our training! We had a former businessman and merchant banker, two residential mortgage brokers, a Harvard Grad and former investment banker, a commercial insurance salesman, a former Bank of the West banker, an advertising executive, a real estate developer, a former college professor and advisor, a business consulting group, and a merchant processing services provider. Wow, what a impressive group we wish you the best in the commercial finance industry!

October 2012 Graduating Class

October was a very interesting class as we had very diverse backgrounds attend our training. We had a seasoned private equity person, a couple that were serial entrepreneurs looking for their next venture, a former Verizon Wireless engineer, an experienced person in sales, and a bio chemical engineer. Thank you and much success to you all!

November 2012 Graduating Class

This class was full with our country's finest military men and women. We had two Marine officers, and two recent Army veterans. Thank you for serving our country! Along with them we had a software executive, a real estate agent, a husband and wife business owners, and a finance manager for a large company. Good luck to you all!

December 2012 Graduating Class

We finished up this year with a dynamite class with a very talented group of people. We had a Harvard graduate and seasoned commercial finance professional, a successful business broker, a granite company business owner, a police captain, a commercial insurance agent and real estate investor, a government employee and real estate investor, a day spa owner, a former marine and trucking company owner, a former nurse, and a current credit analyst for a manufacturing company. Thank you to you all and Happy Holidays and much success in the new year!

January 2013 Graduating Class

We had a very talented class to kick start the new year. Most of the backgrounds in the class was heavily weighted in current for former bankers looking to start their own finance business. We had a CEO of a Credit Union, a Commercial Real Estate Banker, an Orthodontist, a Massage Therapist Business owner, A Current Small Business Banker, an Insurance Agent, a Financial Services Agent and Financial Planner, A Multiple Business Owner in the Construction Industry, A very successful Entrepreneur and chemical engineer who bought and sold multiple business, a Healthcare Facility owner, and a current Pastor. We were excited to start the new year with such a talented class. Good luck to you all!

February 2013 Graduating Class

This class was a pleasure to have in our group. We had a Real Estate Investor, a Bond Trader, Active Military Officer, an EMS Helicopter Pilot, a Manufacturing Manager, and an Insurance Salesmen. Good luck to you all!

March 2013 Graduating Class

This class was larger than we normally have but full of talented graduates who come from an array of different backgrounds. We had a Real Investor, Attorney, a Venture Capital fund manager, a Liquor Store owner, an Electrical Engineer, a Financial Advisor, Management director of several fortune 500 companies, a Banker, A chef, a Car finance manager, Partner of a Mortgage Modification company, an Aerospace engineer. This was a great class to represent our lenders and we wish you the best!

April 2013 Graduating Class

This month we had a full house and some very talented individuals. We had two entrepreneurs in the cell phone industry, a Business Broker, a Hedge Fund Manager, Managers of a Trust, a Business Appraiser, an Engineer, a Financial Planner, a Bar and Grill Owner, a Computer Software Executive, A Nurse RN, an Equities Analyst, a Wine Vineyard owner, and a former Mortgage Broker. Good luck to you all!

May 2013 Graduating Class

This class was a pleasure to teach. We had two former law enforcement people, a Heavy Equipment Sales person, a CFO of a Insurance agency, a CPA, a Current Commercial Banker, A Real Estate Investor, and two former Business Owners. Good luck to you all!

June 2013 Graduating Class

This month was a very energetic class and a pleasure to teach. We had CPA, a Medical Doctor, a Business Manager, A CPA and Business Owner, a Former Commercial Banker, a Entrepreneur and Business Owner, and an owner of an Auto Parts Distributer. Good luck to you all!

July 2013 Graduating Class

This month’s class was very energetic: We had a President of marketing for a fortune 500 company, a CPA, another CPA, a building supply manager, an insurance agent, and a former banker. Good luck to you all!

August 2013 Graduating Class

We had a larger than normal class this month packed with very talented professionals eager to learn our industry. We had a multiple Restaurant owner, a manager for a fortune 500 company, a multiple business owner, a Hollywood production engineer, a former banker, an insurance agent, another former banker, and another former banker, a resort and hotel owner, and a person in financial services. Good luck to you all!

September 2013 Graduating Class

This month's class full of excitement and students who were very eager to get their new businesses started. We have a IT manager, Three Commercial Bankers, a Business Owner, a Private Investor, a Commercial Airline pilot, A person in Financial Services, three other Entrepreneurs looking to expand in this industry. Good luck to you all!

October 2013 Graduating Class

This month was a record breaking month as we had our biggest class ever. We had a bunch of investment bankers, a commercial banker, a police officer, a restaurateur, an insurance agent, a convenience store operator. Good luck to you all!

November 2013 Graduating Class

November marked another great month for producing future entrepreneurs in the commercial finance industry. We had a wall street trader, a business coach, two insurance agents, a CPA, a medical doctor, a truck driver, a former Harvard alumni and ex-business banker, and an airline pilot. Good luck to you al!

December 2013 Graduating Class

We finished our year with a bang as we produced another set of entrepreneur’s eager to help businesses in 2014. We had partners that came from the auto dealership industry, a CPA, an insurance agent, a yearbook salesmen, a pallet company business owner, and a former residential mortgage broker. Good luck to you all in 2014!

January 2014 Graduating Class

We started the new year with a bang as we produced another set of entrepreneur’s eager to help businesses in 2014. Good luck to you all in 2014!

February 2014 Graduating Class

This month proved to be yet another exciting class that consisted of a lot of talented and ambitious entrepreneurs eager to learn the commercial finance business. We had a Commercial Banker, Three Residential Mortgage brokers, A Harley Davidson salesman, a Former Restaurant Owner, Two Commercial Loan Brokers, A Credit Card Merchant Processor, A Paralegal, A Developer, and a Wealth Management Advisor.Good Luck to you all!!

April 2014 Graduating Class

It was another great class this month filled up with talented, smart people as far as Hawaii. We had a CPA, Corporate Executives, A Restaurant owner, An Attorney, A Loan Broker, a couple active duty military people, and real estate investors. Good luck to you all!

May 2014 Graduating Class

This class was a another great class in that we has a good representation of entrepreneurs from all around the country. We had a former coal mine operator, a motorcycle dealership owner, a commercial airline pilot, a security special operations manager, a real estate broker, a person from the private equity sector, a hedge fund manager, a car dealership manager, and a person that worked in digital marketing. Good luck to you all!

June 2014 Graduating Class

Our June class proved to be another great class with eager entrepreneurs looking to dive in to our world of commercial finance. WE had a restaurant owner, a couple of executives, former business owners and franchise owners, franchise brokers, and a firemen. Good luck to you all!

July 2014 Graduating Class

We had a fantastic class this month. We had a bunch of residential mortgage brokers looking to cross over into commercial lending, a finance consultant, a former commercial banker, ‎an insurance agent, a US Air force engineer and a manager at a franchise. Good luck to you all!

August 2014 Graduating Class

This month was an exciting one as we had many first time entrepreneurs in class. We had two policemen, a private jet broker, a real estate investor, a former banker, a car buying consultant, an engineer, an employee of a staffing company and a contractor. Good luck to you all!


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