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Tips And Ideas For Starting A Small Business

Small Business Ideas | Commercial Capital Training GroupStarting a small business is a great way to achieve financial independence while keeping operations manageable. However, most people find that the biggest hurdle is deciding on a small business idea. Before you start picking out random small business ideas out of a hat, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

How Would You Like Your Small Business To Operate?

When looking at small scale business models, one of the first things you should decide is which one fits your lifestyle and schedule the best? Do you want to work from home? Do you want to travel a lot? Do you want to have a regular commute to a store front or office? There are small business opportunities for each scenario, but picking one will help to narrow down the options of what you want to do.

What Kind Of Budget Are You Working With?

A budget will ultimately narrow down your small business options considerably, but you need to ask yourself if you want a home-based business with low overhead? Does your dream business require specialized equipment? Do you want to start a turn key operation like a small scale franchise? These questions may seem overwhelming, at first, but the next section should help you dial in on your ideal small business idea.

What Is Your Passion?

Do you like to cook? Do you like instructing others? Do you want to get paid for your experience and knowledge? Do you like exercising? Do you like helping others achieve their goals? If you pick a small business idea based on your passions, hobbies, or areas of expertise, then your business will seem less like a job and more like getting paid for doing the things you love. That in itself will serve as the inspiration to launch and operate a successful small business.

Successful Small Business Ideas

If you are still mulling over the above questions, we have compiled a list of some of the most successful small business ideas to help give you some guidance.

For individual households, offering services as a small business involved in energy conservation could mean lower utility bills. For businesses, it could mean lower bills and (potentially) tax breaks. Energy conservation is a great idea for a small business, and it can involve everything walkthrough consultations, to the distribution of LED and energy saving lighting. Some entrepreneurs even expand their small scale business concepts to include water conservation consulting and distributing the appropriate plumbing fixtures.
As society continues to focus on “green energy,” more people are becoming interested in the money they can save (and in some cases, generate) by making full or partial conversions to solar power. Solar has become more efficient, less unsightly, and brings with it many energy and money saving benefits. Starting a small scale business by distributing solar panels or consulting with customers to come up with a solution that fits their needs can be very profitable.
If you have a penchant for things such as web site design or hosting, you can start a small business that can yield a sizable income, right from your home. The major domain sellers and site hosts are willing to pay good dividends to people who become affiliate marketers. On the web site design side of the coin, entrepreneurs can make a healthy revenue by designing appealing sites with WordPress or Tumblr templates and implementing extras such as shopping carts, social media integration, and setting up pay-per-click advertising. Not many clients have the knowledge or the time to learn how to do those things on their own, and all it really costs you is time. In fact, many small businesses in this field can bring in large profits while still maintaining rates that are lower than what the competition offers.
Travel agencies have some of the lowest overhead costs (typically a computer with internet access and a dedicated phone line) of all small business opportunities out there, and the revenue is very substantial. As vacation and resort prices become more affordable and people find themselves with more free time – especially the Baby Boomer crowd, who are now enjoying their retirement years traveling around the world – travel agents can find the best deals on plane tickets and bundle in sight-seeing activities, resort stays, and other extras, along with their own fees, and still offer vacation packages that are extremely attractive without breaking the bank. Some travel agencies operate as a franchise, with low buy-in prices, low overhead, and fantastic earning potential.
On the upper end of small business ideas is the commercial real estate field. Commercial real estate is a balancing act of finding properties for a low price, renovating the structures on the land, and then either flipping them for a profit or renting them out for a steady stream of income. Commercial real estate investors typically run their operations from a home office, and travel to the properties for inspections, sales, and during renovation (especially if they are more of the DIY type than hiring contractors). The drawback for many getting into the commercial real estate business is that the property price, plus the closing costs, and the cost of renovation, can be rather intimidating unless there is an additional source of financing. Most real estate investors work with commercial finance professionals to get the additional working capital they need in order to purchase the properties they want and turn them around for a profit. The big benefit of starting a small business in commercial real estate is that even a single small sale can yield tens of thousands of dollars, after all is said and done.
Of all the small business ideas, perhaps the most profitable is in the arena of commercial finance. Commercial finance is founded on the premise that business owners are always in need of money, and lenders are always looking for businesses in need of funding that can turn into profitable relationships for all parties involved. The catch is that very few lenders will talk to business owners without first having them screened through a commercial finance intermediary. These intermediaries being both parties to the table to work out an agreement, and then take a percentage of the entire contract as payment for their work. Commercial finance professionals can also work recurring fees into their part of the agreements to ensure a steady income stream.

Invest Into A Lucrative Small Business Idea

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) offers emerging entrepreneurs the training they need to become commercial finance professionals, as well as the tools and lending products to get business owners the funding they need, especially when banks are declining loan applications left and right.

Additionally, CCTG graduates get access to our board of lenders, as well as out support network, both of which are available seven days a week and are comprised of experts with decades of experience. What’s more, you will get to own your own business with the potential for limitless profits (many CCTG graduates take home more from two deals than most business owners see in a year) and true financial independence.

If you are thinking about starting a small business that can be run from a home office, with little overhead, and on your schedule – with tremendous earning potential to boot – contact us at the Commercial Capital Training Group.

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