2010 Sees Highest Startup Rate in 15 Years

According to a recent article from CNN Money, “The percent of Americans starting businesses in 2010 and 2009 was the highest in 15 years.” It might seem counterintuitive to see an increase in the number of start-ups during a recession, but because unemployment rates are running high, people are simply creating their own jobs, and are working for themselves. However, running a business can be a real challenge. In order to succeed, new business owners need to have a clear business model and, perhaps most importantly, adequate starting capital.

Since the major banks are still largely ignoring small businesses, there are a high number of entrepreneurs looking for loans from other sources. More small businesses without help from major banks, means an increase in demand for loan brokers.

Entrepreneurs who graduate from Commercial Capital Training Group’s financial training program are exactly the kind of loan brokers who can take advantage of the increased demand for business loans. With an incredibly thorough introduction into the finance industry that includes establishing valuable industry connections willing to lend money, graduates are ready to conduct business right from the start. The entrepreneurs who complete the program, will then be in an excellent position to work with the increased number of entrepreneurs in other industries like construction and the service industry.

While it’s difficult to say how long the trend of increasing entrepreneurs and single-owner start-ups will continue, the article certainly indicates that there is a real demand right now for small business capital. Considering the larger picture, this is evidence that the job market, and the finance industry as a whole, is dynamic, but never without opportunity for skilled and experienced loan brokers with connections to lenders.

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