Big Banks Still Snubbing Small Business

Recently, the 2010 Small Business Bank Study was released, and there wasn’t any change in the big banks attitude towards small businesses in 2010 from 2009. Just like Commercial Capital Training Group has been saying all along, big businesses aren’t putting their trust in loaning out capital to small businesses. Only about one third of business owners surveyed in the report claimed they obtained capital from bank loans. That means 2 thirds, the vast majority, are getting loans from other sources. There is definitely a commercial loan funding gap, and it hasn’t gone anywhere in the past two years. And because small and medium sized businesses still need capital, that generates a genuine opportunity for independent commercial loan brokers.

Who better suited for the job than graduates of the Commercial Capital Training Group’s intensive 5-day course? Our graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge to broker the loans that small businesses need, and they have real sources they’re working with that are willing to loan out the capital. The big banks didn’t change their attitude in 2010, so this trend probably won’t shift anytime soon. Right now there’s a wealth of opportunity for independent loan brokers, specifically our graduates, to provide the small businesses that keep getting snubbed by banks with the capital they need.

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