Investing In Real Estate While You’re In College

Investing in real estate while you’re in college seems a bit outlandish, at first. However, when you break it down, investing in real estate while you’re in college is not only an accessible and affordable thing to do, the rewards will give you a financial edge for years to come.

Why Should You Invest In Real Estate While You’re in College?

First, investing in real estate can provide a steady source of income while you are attending classes, as well as beyond graduation. It’s nice to have a bit of financial cushion, especially when you leave the university bubble and have to look for a job after you get your degree. Second, investing in real estate while you’re in college helps to diversify your credit portfolio. This may mean very little right now, but if you want credit cards with higher spending limits and lower rates, if you want to get great financing rates on your dream car, or if you want to qualify for a good loan to buy a nice house for yourself after college, investing in real estate is great way to jump closer to those goals.

Educate Yourself

There are so many free resources available online to guide you through the process of getting your first investment property. If you look at the success of the Property Brothers, the darlings of HGTV, those two guys started out investing in real estate when they were in their late teens, and with very little of their own money. Also check out the Small Business Administration for tips on how to invest in real estate, and the affordable financing options available.

Start Small

Investing in real estate when you’re in college doesn’t mean you have to go way into debt buying corporate high rises and hotels. Start off with buying something like a duplex or triplex. There are FHA loans and SBA loans for owner-occupied properties. Give yourself one of the units and use part of the revenue from the others to pay off the loans and mortgage, and put the rest in the bank. Not only will you have off-campus housing, but you will be generating a tidy profit every month. Maintenance and supplies are tax deductible, which will give you great savings – if not a nice return – when tax season rolls around.


While this may sound like a job in sales, which will eat into a lot of your class and downtime, the truth is it is a very passive way to make money in real estate while you’re in college. A wholesaler simply acts as a liaison, bringing buyers and sellers together, and then taking a percentage of every successful transaction. Because you are in college, and not doing this as a full-time career, you have the opportunity to offer much better rates than the local competition to funnel business your way.

Don’t Neglect Your Studies

Not to come off sounding like a parent or professor, but you need to have a balance between your education, investing in real estate, and having fun. Do not become so focused on investing in real estate while you’re in college that you miss out on the great things happening around you. Investing in real estate while you’re in college is a way to passively generate a sizable income, without taking too much time and energy away from your other activities.