Lucrative Business Opportunities

Key Business Opportunities For Financial Independence

lucrative-business-opportunitiesWhen most people think of small businesses, they like the idea of autonomy and financial independence – but many people still have the misconception that small businesses have a limited reach and an even more limited profit margin.

This is very far from the truth.

There are small business opportunities that, when combined with smart management and modern technology, have huge profits margins and a virtually limitless customer base.

Ever year, there are advertisements from big financial firms offering to file people’s yearly taxes. For those few months, companies offering those services make a huge profit from their customers, while still getting their clients returns or the lowest tax payouts possible. For those with an accounting background, it is easy to find new business opportunities by not only offering tax services, but building a relationship with people and business owners all over the country. Your good work will speak for itself, and your clients will refer their friends to you, ensuring long-term business throughout the year.

One of the top business opportunities that involves low upkeep and high profits is the realm of self-storage. With self-storage, you are offering up empty storage units, which are rented on a monthly basis. The only concern is making sure the empty units are clean, and that people make their payments on time. If customers cannot make payments or move out of their unit in time, then you can write it into the contract that after a certain period of time their possessions become your, and will be sold or auctioned off. Entrepreneurs cannot find an easier “low maintenance” business opportunity that self storage, where the results are almost entirely profits.

Consulting covers a very broad spectrum of business opportunities – from the subjective (personal stylist, interior decorator, etc.) to the highly technical (computers, management, finances, etc.), but consulting offers a great business opportunity to promote yourself (and your services), and build a portfolio of clients, allowing you to tailor what you offer based on their needs. As a consultant, a business owners charges for time, and any goods that need to be purchased throughout the project. However, consultants must stay on top of rends, methodologies, and must be experts at analyzing situations and researching solutions. The overhead on consulting is minimal, and the reach and ceiling on profits are entirely up to you and how far you are willing to travel to meet with your clients.

Acquiring rental properties and leasing them to tenants has become a science over the years. Business opportunities are inside every run-down house and building you see in your neighborhood. Many would-be landlords have taken to buying places for a fraction of their actual worth, rehabilitating the buildings and then renting them out to people or businesses. Residential properties make for great business opportunities in major cities and college towns, where is no shortage of people with rental income that will not only offer a nice profit, but also pay for the property taxes and mortgage on any future properties you are looking to acquire. Big cities, commerce districts, and industrialized areas always have business owners who are looking to rent office or production space, and are willing to pay in order to lease these properties. Maintenance and occasional upkeep are the only major things that will eat into your profits, and even those costs can be offset by other rental properties or refinancing any properties with a bank.

The health care industry is ripe for entrepreneurs with any type of training – from holistic medicine to chiropractors, dentists, surgeons. Many people prefer the personalized experience of going to a private practitioner, operating out of a home office with on-site facilities to take care of patients. Initially, the investment to create the workspace and acquire the equipment may be quite substantial, but health care professionals soon find themselves in the black after patients start coming in and referring their friends and associates because of the excellent service they receive. As a private practitioner, these entrepreneurs can make their own hours, charge competitive rates that large hospitals cannot, and generate a referral network with other health care professionals in the area. With people in constant need of health care services, private practitioners can limit or expand their customer base as they see fit, with no sign of business opportunities drying up.

Organization Is The Key

One of the major drawbacks to working for an organization is that many departments rely heavily on one another. Sometimes, projects (or worse, payroll) can get held up waiting for another department to finish something else before there can be any progress. When you go into business for yourself, keeping an operation as streamlined as possible makes for an efficient business. Keeping things organized – from accounts payable to accounts receivable, clients profiles, business portfolios, etc. – will make for a well-oiled machine, and will help to keep stress to a minimum. You are claiming your financial freedom, and that last thing you need to to worry about a piece of paper that was misplaced months ago.

Start Your Own Alternative Lending Business

Every business needs working capital, and in many cases, either the banks are limited in what they can do for business owners (only 15% of businesses get loans approved through banks), or – in the case of small business owners and entrepreneurs – the need for money is time sensitive and the window for the loan process falls outside of their demands.

As a finance broker or alternative lender, the business opportunities are many and varied. As a finance broker, you bring the people in need of money to the table with investors in order to work out an amenable loan for almost any amount, and then take a brokers fee after all parties reach an agreement.

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) is willing to train people to become brokers and alternative lenders, walking them through each step of the process, introducing them to investors and lenders, and offering consulting to help anyone who has reached an impasse.

With CCTG, you can grow your customer base as much as you want, and every successful deal leads to a profit for you. CCTG offers people full financial independence and one of the best business opportunities available today.

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