Unique Business Ideas

Find A Unique Business Idea In A Niche Market

Unique Business IdeasIf you are thinking about making the leap into the world of business ownership, you have probably thought over a few ideas that you could turn into a profitable and sustainable operation.

Some people consider the idea of buying a franchise, because it offers a streamlined, turn key business opportunity where everything from branding to marketing are supplied by the parent corporation. However, many people want to offer a more personalized experience to their customers, offering products and services that are tailored to their needs.

Likewise, most customers would rather spend their money on businesses that offer that little something extra – that unique experience – that they can’t get from faceless corporations or the big box stores.

So what are some unique business ideas for emerging entrepreneurs?

Many people look for those unique business ideas that allow other people to feel special and pampered. Obtaining a massage therapy license and opening a spa can have clients lining up to “get away from it all” – whether it’s a 30 minute deep-tissue massage, or an all-day affair to make the world (and the stresses of day to day life) melt away. Some luxury spa owners will partner with homeopathic, essential oil, and aromatherapy suppliers so they can make additional money by selling their products to customers. Some licensed massage therapists will streamline their operations by only providing sessions at their clients’ residences, thereby eliminating the need for a large establishment.
People are moving away from the idea of outdoor kennels and want something with a bit of a personal touch from a fellow animal lover. If you have a yard with a shed or small barn, you can convert that structure into a temperature-controlled hotel for pets – offering each animal its own room, plenty of space to play, toys, food, and interaction. This unique business idea can make upwards of $20 per pet, and when you multiply that by the number of pets your building can comfortably house, then you can get into some serious revenue numbers.
Mobile detailing is one of the great unique business ideas that has an extremely low startup cost and overhead. Offering detailing services for vehicles of all kind, and saving people the hassle of having to schedule appointments with larger companies offering the very same services, means you can build a sizable customer base and make a large profit (a couple of detailing jobs will easily cover the startup costs) while still offering competitive pricing that is lower than similar businesses in the area. Some mobile detailing businesses keep their operations to cars and motorcycles, while others offer their services to trucks, planes, and seasonal specials on boats during the warmer months.
People love good food, but many of them do not have time to prepare meals for themselves, and they don’t want to eat out or microwave frozen dinners every night, after work. People want a personal touch. Becoming a personal chef is one of the more unique business ideas because you get to intimately know your clients’ tastes, dietary needs, the flavor profiles and types of cuisine they enjoy, and then you get to use your skills and creativity to craft entire meals for them. Depending on the arrangement, cooking can be done at the clients’ homes or prepared in your own kitchen. And word of mouth will spread. A good personal chef can easily double or triple their clientele overnight by preparing an outstanding meal for one person.
With the proliferation of computers, mobile devices, and personal gadgets, there is no shortage of work for a person with a penchant for technology. Offering on-site computer services is one of the more lucrative and unique business ideas because no two setups are the same. Not everyone has the same gadgets, and not every troubleshooting problem is the same. Many computer technicians are able to make a very comfortable living working for a handful of clients, while still offering that personal (and often times educational) experience while still charging less than the big chain techies. Computer technicians can even expand to offer their services to small businesses, coming up with the right configuration for their businesses, or helping them out of a jam when their systems do down unexpectedly.
People are always getting married and holding other events that require music. What makes being an events DJ one of the more unique business ideas is that it gives you the opportunity to truly set yourself apart from other DJs who offer the same old songs on the playlist. You can use your creativity and music knowledge to offer up memorable experiences simply for playing music. The cost to startup as a DJ is a good sound system, a laptop, and a way to transport everything. Events DJs can turn a few thousand dollars per event (plus tips), and offer extras, such as taking requests, dedicated songs, and more.
For truly unique business ideas, the world of commercial finance is always a profitable adventure. Commercial finance professionals help business owners get the funding they need to launch and grow their operations when banks reject their loan applications (which is not unusual, as more than 80% of all business loan applications are declined by banks) by introducing them to lenders. Commercial finance involves working with clients to assess their needs and then working as a liaison between those clients and the lenders to come to a financial arrangement that pleases everyone. After the agreement is reached, commercial finance professionals take a small percentage of the entire deal as payment for their work. While that may not sound like much, taking 2% from a $200K deal is pretty lucrative for a few hours worth of work – and when that is multiplied by a few deals every month, it is easy to see how this is one of the more unique business ideas out there.

Looking For A Unique Business Idea In Finance?

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