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Careers In FinanceIn broad terms, commercial finance is the industry field that offers loans to businesses. Traditionally, this role has been filled by banks, but over the years private and other commercial lenders have devised methods to get business owners the money they need in a shorter period of time, and with more flexible terms and rates, than traditional lending methods.

Additionally, where commercial finance was was once a generic terms for business lending, there are now careers in specific commercial finance fields such as real estate, the insurance, private equity, financial planning, and many more.

Commercial banking specializes in offering traditional bank services – such as lending, debt consolidation, etc. – but for businesses and entrepreneurs. With the number of business owners rising, commercial banking employs more people than any other area of the commercial finance industry. Apart from traditional loans, commercial banking jobs specialize in lines of credit, leasing, equity finance, and international trade. Commercial finance jobs in banking are always open and seeking knowledgeable individuals with an enthusiasm for the myriad aspects of commerce.
Commercial finance careers in private equity can be segmented into three major areas – leveraged buy outs, growth capital, and mezzanine lending. Leveraged buy outs (LBOs) occur when investors want to acquire another company, and need a significant amount of commercial financing in order to acquire the company. Usually the financing is structured around the value of the assets of the company that is being acquired, which allows business owners to make large acquisitions without putting up much of their own money. Growth capital lenders typically structure lending around the value of a company’s assets (property, equipment, future receivables, etc.) so that business owners can expand their operations or reach a growth target, while not hampering cash flow. Mezzanine financing is often used in business acquisitions and commercial real estate. Investors often require large amounts of commercial financing, and loans can be structured by using the property or business being purchased as collateral. People with commercial financing jobs that specialize in mezzanine lending have very profitable careers, because the profit margins are very significant, and if borrowers default on payments, then the property or businesses that were acquired become owned by the lender.
Commercial finance jobs in the real estate field cover everything from mortgage financing, ground-up construction, appraisals, brokerage, property management, and much more. This finance career path requires a keen sense of how commercial financing works, people skills, creativity, and a good instinct for profitable ventures. Finance careers in real estate involve being able to meet the needs of both investors and sellers, often bringing both parties to the table to work out deals that range from straight forward loans, finding mezzanine investors, or even getting the seller to carry a good portion of the financing until the price and interest are paid off in full further down the road.
Corporate finance careers involve taking a long view and working with large firms and corporations to help them make banking and investment decisions in order to increase their financial standing and value to shareholders. This includes everything from managing liabilities and assets, to long term investments, acquisitions, and trading securities. Careers in finance at this level are well-paying and offer opportunities to work with teams and individuals who have knowledge on a variety of large-scale finance topics. While part of corporate financing involves making wise short-term investments, the majority of corporate finance careers focus on investments that have steady, long-term payoffs.
Of all the commercial financing career paths, money management is one of the more exclusive jobs in the finance industry. Money management involves being able to speculate on stocks and emerging companies in order to make lucrative investments. Money management can be extremely rewarding, but it involves being able to make quick decisions – often with large sums of money. Most people in money management finance careers start off working in trust departments at banks and even insurance companies. From there, people find money management jobs at investment firms and in mutual funds. People in these finance jobs who have a proven track record of working with people and making gainful decisions based on market trends usually receive job offers from larger firms that specialize in money management.
Finance careers in insurance cover all industries and involve being able to identify the the needs and potential concerns of business owners and structuring a plan to offer coverage in case of a crisis, or to protect companies and individuals against everything from minor accidents to financial disaster in the future. It should be noted that insurance careers are more than just sales positions. Finance careers in insurance consist of consultants, auditing and valuation, asset management, and underwriting. While smaller insurance firms are focused on individuals and business owners, larger financial insurance jobs work with the IT, real estate, banking, and energy industries to provide safeguards and coverage against everything from small workplace accidents to major downturns in the economy to protect their investments.
Commercial finance careers offer opportunities to individuals who are seeking financial independence and the ability to work for themselves to broker agreements between multiple parties. If a business owner needs financing to complete a project, get equipment, make a large time-sensitive acquisition, or anything else that requires money that exceeds the borrowers current holdings, then a commercial finance expert will work with them to find lenders and investors.

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The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) provides the training and support needed in order to identify the financing needs of others, bringing investors to the table to work out an agreement, and taking a profit for helping to broker the financing arrangement.

CCTG has a team of investors and financial professionals with expertise in every industry, and they are available day and night to help people achieve success in their own finance careers. If you are interested in a career in commercial finance, where you are beholden to no one, set your own hours, and offer the knowledge to facilitate deals between business owners and lenders, then consider what the Commercial Capital Training Group can offer. Many graduates from our program have gone on to earn six figure incomes by putting people in touch with one another to get business owners the financing they need.

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