Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Searching For An Affordable Franchise

Low-Cost Franchise OpportunitiesFor many looking to take the leap into business ownership for the first time, low-cost franchise opportunities are very attractive. The low entry fees are manageable, and many people do not want to sink a lot of money into a start-up business if this is their very first franchise. However, low-cost franchises cover a wide range – from under $10K for home based franchises all the way up to $100K.

The best advice is to hold firmly to your budget and see which franchises within that start-up range which appeal to you and fit in with your lifestyle and goals.

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities List

Below are some franchise opportunities that require an initial low investment.

At the very low end of the franchise investment range, there are kiosk and rolling cart businesses. The businesses can offer anything from food (think hot dogs and ice cream) all the way up to jewelry, tourism-related item, and high end electronics (smart phones, audio equipment, etc.). The advantages to low investment franchise opportunities like kiosks are that they are portable, easy to maintain, and the sales pitch is fairly passive, with income coming from people passing by he kiosk and making purchases – no sales pitch is necessary. The major disadvantage to kiosk franchises is that someone always has to operate them, it involves negotiating for space to set up shop (which may involve permits and licenses), and it also means investing in products to sell (unless you are selling homemade goods, like cookies or jewelry).

Major tax preparation firms have created mobile (kiosk) and home based versions of their highly sought after expertise. These low cost franchise opportunities involve training so business owners are up on the most recent tax laws, special software, and the ability to make sense of everything from W-2 forms to boxes of receipts. The advantage to a low investment franchise like tax preparation is that there will never be a shortage of customers once tax season rolls around. The major drawback to tax preparation franchises is that tax season occurs for the first four months of the year, and then business dries up. Business owners usually supplement tax preparation with financial consulting and accounting.

Home care services covers a broad range of low investment franchise opportunities from personal pet grooming, to home cleaning services, and even in-home health care franchises. The overhead is low, but being able to take on as many (or as few) clients as you desire and turn a profit makes home care services a very attractive field. The franchisors will offer training, and in some cases, their own proprietary software and supplies, and tell you how to get clients. With businesses in this area, there is never a shortage of people who need in-home services of some kind.

When looking at low cost franchise opportunities, many big companies are offering home versions of their consulting and support departments, because it means low overhead for the company and for the franchise owner. Many companies need to expand their consulting and support departments, simply to cover their national customer base – but do not want to pay for extra office space, new computers, heat, lighting, and everything that comes with housing employees. Instead, they are willing to train potential franchise owners in their way of doing things and the special software they use. In essence, people looking in to these types of franchise opportunities only need the initial investment, a computer, and an internet connection in order to start making an income by taking the excess workload off of the in-office employees.

Commercial Finance Consulting

If you are specifically looking for low investment business opportunities that have a high profit margin – where you can scale your success to the schedule you want and never run out of clients, then owning a financial consulting business may be the right fit for you.

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) offers emerging entrepreneurs with a low investment business opportunity that includes training in finances and alternative lending. CCTG will give you the training you need to bring business owners and investors to the table to come to an agreement. Once the deal is closed, you will take your broker’s fee, plus any other fees you are due from the parties involved. You will have full access to CCTG’s training resources, panel of investors, and anything else you might need to “make the magic happen.” CCTG will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success as a business owner and financial consultant.

If you are looking to take that leap toward financial independence, and want a low investment business opportunity that will give you all the resources you need to build a portfolio of clients and run your business on your terms, check out what the Commercial Capital Training Group has to offer.

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