Small Business Franchise

What You Should Know And Some Ideas

Small Business Franchise - Commercial Capital Training GroupFranchises are business models that provide entrepreneurs with the training, branding, and support to ensure success, while also offering the freedom and profit opportunities that independent business owners enjoy. In short, a franchise is a “turn key” method for achieving financial independence.

In addition to big chain stores, fast food restaurants, autobody chops, motels, and other major franchise opportunities, there are small business franchises that offer the same benefits as the larger models, just on a smaller scale and with a lower entry fee.

What Is A Small Business Franchise?

Small business franchises are all around us. Branded food stands in high traffic areas, small kiosks at shopping centers, tax return places, and even seasonal décor and gift retailers are small business franchise opportunities that are giving people the financial freedom they desire, along with a constant (or seasonal) stream of income with the ability to grow and expand their business operations, should they be so inclined.

How Small Business Franchise Opportunities Work

At the heart of it all, small business franchise opportunities operate on the same principles as their larger siblings, just on a scale that is more attractive to emerging business owners who want to take the concept of a franchise for a “test run” before transitioning to larger opportunities, or for people who want to achieve success by owning a franchise, but have limited finances to work with. Small business franchises are a great way for people to explore business opportunities without diving into the deep end of the franchise pool without a safety line.

All small business franchise models start with an entry fee, which can range from a few hundred dollars on up to a few thousand. That initial fee to the franchisor gives potential small business franchise owners access to training, branding, products, best practices, and everything needed to run a small business franchise successfully.
Depending on the type of small business franchise and where it is located, franchisees may be required to obtain certain licenses and permits. A small travel agency franchise that is run out of the home has different requirements than an ice cream kiosk that operates in the local mall or public park. The franchise company will provide any guideline for permits and licenses, as well as instructions on how to obtain them.
While many small business franchises operate out of kiosks that can be moves, collapsed at the end of the day, or taken home – most places will charge a rental fee to use the property to set up operations. More permanent small business franchises (such as drive-thru coffee businesses and check cashing services) may have to work out leases with property and building management in order to set up and run their operations.
Standard small business franchise operations pay regular royalty fees to the parent company, which is usually a percentage of the total sales in a given period. This allows small business franchise owners to stay in the system, and cover the cost of any marketing campaigns the parent company runs in the near future. While this used to be paid out of pocket – much like rent or utilities – many small business franchise operations take that amount directly out of the owners bank account, or figure it into the sale price of the goods and services being offered.

Successful Small Business Franchise Ideas

This article has touched on a few small business franchise ideas, but if you still find yourself searching for ideas, we have compiled a small list of small business franchise models that have successful track records in almost any environment.

Whether it’s a warm pretzel stand or a kiosk that sells gourmet popcorn and nuts – snacks are universal and appeal to everyone. Small business franchises that sell snacks have steady revenue in parks, on street corners, and in shopping centers.

Among small business franchises, tax services do the majority of their business in the first quarter of every year. However, that is an opportunity to build a client base, as customers are likely to refer their friends and family to your small business franchise, which means revenues will be even larger the following year. Outside of tax season, tax service franchises may choose to offer accounting and consultation services throughout the year.

The world becomes more connected every day, and personal electronic devices have gone from the realm of novelties and luxuries to becoming necessities for people to stay in contact with friends and family, as well as professional productivity. Most personal electronic devices are part of larger electronics and service carrier franchises, so they command a higher entry fee than other small business franchises, however, the revenue per sale is is also higher than other small franchises.

Like most small business franchises that specialize in retail, jewelry and gift kiosks see huge spikes in sales during the holiday season, but sales are steady throughout the year. Graduations, birthdays, engagements, impulse purchases, and almost any occasion you can think of drive constant sales in the gift and jewelry field. The entry fee can be very low to start, and the franchisor will provide the catalogs from vendors so you can always have those unique and attractive items to draw in customers.

Small Business Finance Opportunity

If you are looking the training and support that small business franchises offer, with a low entry and overhead costs – but with the added freedom of being able to brand yourself, zero royalty fees, and unlimited revenue opportunities, consider The Commercial Capital Training Group.

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) gives entrepreneurs the skills, tools, and support they need to open their own small business in the field of commercial finance. While other small business franchise opportunities rely on foot traffic and seasonal trends, commercial finance works off of the rule that businesses always need financing.

CCTG gives its graduates access to our panel of lenders and industry professionals to help business owners get the money they need from lenders, and work your own fees into the contract for facilitating the financial agreement. CCTG graduates set their own hours, work from the comfort of home, and many see six figure incomes soon after graduating from the program.

If you want to take control of your life and become a successful business owner in a field with unlimited income opportunities and the potential to achieve financial independence in a short period of time, check out the Commercial Capital Training Group today!

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