How We Are Different From Other Training Programs

Commercial Loan Broker Training Side-by-Side Comparison

Starting a business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and it is important to know that you have made the best possible choice to pursue your dreams for your investment. Commercial Capital Training Group is committed to showing you the significant difference between our commercial loan broker training and “the others.” We realize that there are other loan broker training companies out there that may try to offer similar loan broker training programs.

Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

We admit that we are not the first loan broker training company to exist; however, we are the first and only commercial finance training company to train, educate, and have direct experience in all areas of commercial finance to the extent that we do it. There also have been other training companies that have tried to copy our program and even go so far as trying to duplicate our website. There is not much we can do about this but we view this as “imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

Ever since we started, every other company that tries to do what we do has been playing catch up. We are honestly flattered that other training companies use us as the standard, but often these tactics confuse people on the real differences between our company and what we call the “others”. Other loan broker training companies have even changed their names throughout the years to try to hide negative comments about them.

Early on we recognized that there was a serious gap in the models other training companies where promoting. How do we know this? Well, one of the many motivations that gave our founder the idea to create our company was the need to properly train commercial loan brokers.

We Have Created More Successful Loan Brokers Than Any Other Company, As Well As Created The Industry’s Only Trade Association

This point should be perhaps the most important when deciding which company is right for you to train you to become a commercial loan broker. Commercial Capital Training Group has produced more successful commercial loan brokers then any other so-called training company in the country. PERIOD! How can we back up this claim? Not only have we been the number one leader in commercial loan broker training but our founder created the industry’s only trade association for commercial loan brokers; (National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers) NACLB. Each year, close to 500 successful CCTG graduates attend the annual conference. No other training company can say that. See our most recent CCTG reunion conference here.

Good Broker Etiquette

Based on his own vast experience as a lender and CEO of two direct alternative lending institutions, he recognized that most  business finance brokers don’t really know what they are doing, or how to practice “good broker etiquette” when working with a lender. Kris also recognized that other “loan broker training companies” where not training and preparing brokers adequately nor were they giving brokers competitive lending sources with a diverse enough product offering. We know this because throughout the years these very same brokers that attended other training companies have brokered transactions to our group of finance companies after exhausting their efforts with the funding sources they gained from another training company.

Our company does not engage in flashy, dramatic price discounts or high-pressure sales tactics to get you to enroll in our program. We also don’t promote the fact that you can make money in this business with very little effort and that you will retire on the beach after 6 months of attending our training. Be careful of other loan broker training companies that promise grandiose income claims. Instead, we take an informative approach by first educating you on the facts regarding this business and your opportunities, which allows you to make an informed decision when deciding if our program is right for you.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to let the qualities of our program and the past success of our graduates attest to how successful and unique our program really is. Then, we let you decide for yourself. We highly encourage you to conduct your own comparison between our commercial finance program and other companies that claim to offer as much as we do.

On this page we thought it was important to inform you about the facts of our loan broker training program should you be considering similar business opportunities.Please read below and see for yourself! Our staff is available take the time to clearly point out the true differences of our program in detail. Simply – there is us and then there are the rest…

Commercial Capital Training Group Review

The Financial Products You Will Be Able To Offer

We teach and offer the most complete array of commercial finance products in the industry, period. We are so confident that we offer the most comprehensive and complete array of commercial finance products in the industry that if you find another training company that offers a more comprehensive program along with more products, we will pay the other companies program cost for you.

You will have every financial product niche that there is to make money in commercial lending as a loan broker. You will have products from lenders that are very competitive where you can beat what banks do approve and then lenders that can do deals the banks decline.

Our commercial lending training program trains you and gives you the lenders to fund any situation that your client might need. This is very important, because you will be able to cross-sell commercial finance products to the same client. For instance, you might have a client that needs an equipment lease, but you may also find out he needs some working capital. Now you will be able to offer him a one-stop solution and close two loans instead of one.

Your commercial financing company will stand out as one that can handle any request and any loan amount. The backbone of lenders for your business will consist of FDIC banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, private equity firms, private capital sources, and private investors. Also, we are the only broker training program that gives you access to private investors to finance all types of financing requests. This is very useful, because private investors do not have some of the restrictions and red tape that banks do. These private investors consist of single wealthy individuals or groups of wealthy individuals that pool their funds together to fund specific projects.

You will also have the ability to finance any type of credit and fund transactions, both domestic and international. Best of all, you will be pre-approved with banks, lenders, and private investors to do business directly with each product. You will actually meet these lenders while you are in class and they will get a chance to meet you. This is very important so that you can begin to develop relationships while your in class.

As a Graduate of our program, you will be able to handle transactions such as: Equipment LeasingAccounts Receivable FinancingFactoringSBA Loans Franchise FinancingMedical Practice Loans – Working Capital Loans – Merchant Cash AdvancesSale LeasebacksAsset Based FinancingProject FinancingBridge LoansHard Money LoansStructured Settlement and Annuity Financing – Gas Station Financing – Asset Based Lines of CreditMedical Accounts Receivable FinancingVenture CapitalEquity FinancingBusiness AcquisitionsPurchase Order FinancingEnergy & Commodity Finance – Hotel Financing – Contract FinancingCommercial Development FinancingCommercial Real Estate FinancingMobilization FinancingMezzanine FinancingUnsecured Lines of Credit – Construction Financing – Joint Venture CapitalMergers & AcquisitionsConsumer Financing Programs – Term Loans – Airplane Financing – HUD Loans – B and I Loans – CMBS Loans and more…

To jump start your commercial finance business when you get home, we will give you a $1000 credit to generate your fist set of prospects for your first month out of training. We developed a customized proprietary lead generating system based on our lender’s products. You will be able to receive real-time custom leads of businesses seeking financing for any one of the finance transactions you will be able to offer.

With this system, businesses in need of commercial financing come to you! Best of all, you can customize the types of leads that you want based on several variables and qualifying factors. All leads are exclusive so your client is not being called by multiple people. This innovative program will allow you to start doing business immediately and earning money in a short amount of time. Some of our graduates close their first couple of deals through this program and continue to use it for years to come.

There are other companies that offer only a fraction of the commercial finance products that we will teach you to use. Most other commercial lending training programs teach primarily one product with maybe one or two other financing options. There are also companies that only have experience in one type of financing for a good number of years and they mislead you to think they have the same experience in multiple types of financing. Furthermore, with other training companies, you will not have access to actual private investors as part of your lender base.

One of the many areas that sets us apart from other training companies is that they don’t offer nor have experience in commercial real estate financing. They will tell you it is not a product where you can make money which is their poor excuse for not offering it. That is just completely false. Many of our graduates pick commercial real estate financing and focus on that industry while earning a living doing so. Other commercial broker training companies will have you believe that there is no money to be made in commercial real estate financing. They just say that to get around the fact that they don’t have experience in that arena or the lenders that are competitive in that industry.

Why limit your profit potential?

Through our training you will have many competitive options to offer any client that needs to finance commercial real estate or a business. You will also not have the ability to do international deals should you come across an opportunity with other training companies.

Why limit your profit potential? With the Commercial Capital Training program, you are getting the most complete package of commercial products to offer any business. We will even put this in writing and guarantee the types of financing you will learn and the sources you will secure to fund these transactions directly. Every product we teach has a viable audience and a demand. You will never say to a client: “Sorry, we don’t do that type of financing.”

The Industry Experience, Expertise and Credibility Our Family of Companies and Executives Have.

Through our family of companies, we have the industry expertise, experience, and credibility that others have longed for. You will not find another firm that has these three components.

At the heart of these three aspects is our founder and president Kris Roglieri. Through Kris’s two other finance companies (Prime Commercial Lending) and (Durham Commercial Capital) that he founded and currently manages, comes deep industry knowledge that our graduates benefit from.

Prime Commercial Lending based out of Albany, NY is an almost 20 year old national commercial finance company and investment real estate firm that provides capital directly and indirectly for commercial real estate finance, as well as, to small, medium, and large size businesses. As a private lender and advisory firm, to date, has funded over two billion dollars worth of transactions averaging over $300 million dollars a year in funded transactions. We are in this business in a big way. Just google the words “commercial lending” or “commercial loans” and you will see our founder’s company Prime Commercial Lending come up on the first page of google.

The other is Durham Commercial Capital located in Rochester, NY. Durham is a specialized non-recourse factoring lender that lends money to businesses for working capital.

Kris also founded the nation’s only dedicated full service digital marketing agency that just concentrates in the finance industry, The Finance Marketing Group. This company does marketing for banks, lenders, finance brokers and firms in financial services. This is where our students really benefit marketing wise as we have a whole company that just does marketing for banks and other brokers.

After training, your alternative lending business will have a specialized marketing team of over 30 people to handle any marketing need your business might have. We know what it takes to get clients. Both of Kris’s expertise, knowledge and credibility is often tapped into by several news organizations involved in financing. Such organizations include Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Fox Business, The Business Review, the New York State Real Estate Journal and many others where Kris’s knowledge is sought. To view some of the articles and press on our founder click here.

With this knowledge and expertise comes integrity and credibility which each of our founder’s companies have built up over the years. Along side of Kris, are key executives who have worked for prominent commercial finance institutions which our graduates benefit from as well. Everybody in our organizations practices what we teach.

To learn more about our founder and our family of companies click here.

There are other loan officer training companies that may have experience in one industry such as equipment leasing, but do not have direct experience and expertise in all the products that they teach. That explains the fact why they don’t teach or have lenders that do commercial real estate transactions or other types of important financing products simply because they don’t know it!

Anybody can write anything on a website and proclaim to be an industry leader or a “guru” but by what measure? Other companies just “train” people and do not actually conduct this business their self.

Before you make a decision, ask other companies to show proof that they finance actual transactions. We have experience as a direct lender ourselves with the two finance companies our founder owns lending directly to businesses and commercial real estate investors, and with that, comes added value to our graduates.

Within our family of companies is the nation’s only full service marketing firm that only has client’s in finance industry, The Finance Marketing Group. No other training company can say they know more in terms of marketing in the commercial finance industry than us, so don’t let other companies mislead you. There are even other training companies that have changed their name throughout the years to try to hide complaints they have built up over the years. We let the facts speak for themselves.

The Ability To Deal Directly With Direct Lenders and Investors

This is a very important highlight of our program. By completing our program, you will be approved to do business directly with lenders and private investors. You are not going through layers of brokers.

Typically, these lenders require you to be in business for at least 3 years and have worked in the industry for 5 years or more. They have agreed to waive these requirements for our graduates.

It is important to know that we don’t just give you a list of lenders with phone numbers. You will actually meet all of the lenders face to face during our program or via conference call and they will educate you about their programs.

There are companies out there that sell you a loan broker business opportunity where they require you to submit your businesses directly through them and they will deal with their lenders directly to fund your deal. More importantly, there are other training companies that say they give you access to “direct” lenders, but really, it is just another broker you are submitting your deal to who then sends your deal to a direct lender.

There are also companies that will just give you a “list” of lenders without introducing you to them in training. You will not have access to your own lenders and therefore cannot control your own deals. They will try to tell you that this process saves you time and energy, but it ultimately takes away any control that you might have with a deal or your customer. It also decreases your company’s identity and adds an extra middleman in the funding process for your client.

Why become an affiliate for someone else and improve their stature? Why go through all of this when you can have your own lenders (that you will meet) and control your own destiny with the Commercial Capital Training Group?

We Don’t Teach or Sell The Hype … Just The Important Facts

We have all seen the low investment business opportunities where they lure you in and sell you on the fact that you will make millions in a short amount of time with whatever they are pitching. Unfortunately, that very same mumbo jumbo hype exists in our industry as well. There are companies that will try to cloud your judgment and conceal what they really have to offer with flooding you with grandiose ideas of how you can make so much money, in a short amount of time with very little effort and enjoy the “good life”.

Our business does present significant advantages over other businesses and franchise concepts and one can make significant money with our lenders, but you still have to work hard at being successful. We are here to tell you that this business takes very hard work and dedication to make a good income. Being a successful entrepreneur does not come easy no matter what business you’re in. The industry and lenders that you will work with after completing our training can indeed be lucrative with hard work and effort by yourself, but chances are you will not retire by the beach after six months of attending our training. Building wealth with any business takes time.

We are committed to presenting you with the real facts about this industry and realistic goals with this business.

There are companies that try to paint a picture of this business of how you can make so much money with very little effort and overlook the fine details in operating your business in this industry. There are also companies that only teach the very basics of certain concepts in a particular finance industry. They will just tell you all you have to do in this business is submit an application to a lender and then you get paid.

The fact is there is so much more to this process that loan brokers need to know in order to be the successful and the best. That is why our training is 7 days because we spend the time on going over all the fine details and procedures that you absolutely need to know to be successful in this business.

We Are Not Just Trainers In The Business, But A Lender As Well

As the title states, we are not only expert trainers in the commercial finance industry but we are actually lenders in this industry as well. The founder of the Commercial Capital Training Group actually owns two commercial finance companies both being direct lenders.

One is Prime Commercial Lending, a 18-year-old national commercial finance and investment real estate company offering the same financial products that you will with offices in Albany, NY, and Atlanta, GA. In fact, this very same company is one of your direct lenders for a specific real estate finance product that you will be able to offer.

The other is Durham Commercial Capital. This is a non-recourse accounts receivables finance company located in Rochester, NY that allows our graduates to earn the highest paying commissions in the factoring industry.

It is this deep industry experience that translates to the quality of our 7-day training. We know how to structure, evaluate, and underwrite transactions from a lender’s point of view, and we share this knowledge with you throughout your training. To learn more about the origins of our training please click here.

There are other companies that just “teach” the business but don’t have the real industry experience in actually doing and funding all the transactions they teach for a living. Some companies only have experience in one area of finance, such as, leasing and try to confuse people into believing that their experience translates into other areas of finance.

Our training and lending company has experience in ALL areas of finance on a daily basis.

The Ability To Do Larger Loans

We teach how to do loans in the multi-million dollar range. These deals don’t come along every day, but if the opportunity presents itself, you will have the resources to get a large deal done.

There are several graduates of our program that routinely work on $100 Million dollars deals or more. Our sister company (Prime Commercial Lending) has a history on working on and closing these deals with the same capital sources that you will have. Some of the lenders and private investment firms that you will be approved with have the capacity to do loans up to $500,000,000 or more. These are very complex financing requests that require the right lenders and private investors that have the expertise, in-depth knowledge, and capital to fund these types of transactions.

It is important to realize that these lenders and investors that finance projects of this size typically only accept business from experienced individuals. However, they have agreed to work with all of our graduates since they have had much success with our founder’s own finance company and with individuals who have gone through our program.

We will teach you how to target the clients that need larger loans and successfully close them. You will run into these types of clients and it is important to have the tools, knowledge, and ability to finance their capital need with the right lenders and investors. The credit crunch has not only affected small businesses but also big businesses and experienced commercial real estate investors.

Most commercial loan broker training companies don’t have the knowledge or experience to close the larger loans, let alone teach about them. More importantly, they don’t have the long standing relationships and experience with lenders and private investment firms that have the capacity to do the larger deals.

There are a lot of companies that say they have the capital sources and knowledge to place these larger capital requests to make their company “look bigger,” but in reality, they don’t have the experience or the relationships to handle any such request.

Ongoing Support and Continuous Training

This is one of the most important points that distinguishes us from the rest. We commit ourselves to coach and guide you through every commercial finance transaction that you will have until you feel comfortable. Whether that is helping you gather documentation for funding, or helping you close a transaction, we are always there at your side.

Furthermore, we are there every day to answer your phone calls and assist you in any way we can. You will never have to wait days to get a call back from us. You will have a dedicated support person 7 days a week. That is right. We know what it feels like to get a deal in on a Friday and need an answer by Monday. You have access to your support person over the weekend. Not only will we support you for the life of your business, but we will continue to educate you and provide you with new cutting-edge programs to further develop your business for no additional fees.

We are always developing and working to bring you new programs and lenders on a continuing basis. We will usually host webinars to introduce you to new products to offer your clients as they come available.

To learn more about our dedicated support, click here. Our training does not stop when you leave our facility. That’s only the beginning. Our success is based on your success.

Other opportunities might say they offer lifetime support, but do they continue to train and develop new programs for you to offer your clients for the life of your business? Will you be able to pick up the phone and get somebody on a Saturday? Also, will you get somebody to call you back after a couple of months into your business? This is very important question to ask when looking at other financial business opportunities.

A 7-Day Intensive Training Class

Our commercial loan broker training program consists of 7 days of intensive training and learning. We want to make sure you have more than enough time to learn this business and learn about the lenders and investors you will meet that will serve as your backbone for your financing capabilities as a loan broker.

After a full 7 days with us, you will be ready to tackle any business capital need and start earning the high level of income that this industry commands.

There are loan officer training opportunities out there that offer 4 or 3-day trainings and we have even seen 2-day trainings. Also, there are companies that claim they offer and cover just as much as we do but yet only have 4-, 3-, or 2-day training program.

During the 7 days of training with us, some of our classes run from 8 am to 8 pm, providing ample time for our students to learn. We can’t see how a 2- or even a 4-day training program that claims to offer as much as we do could possibly do this effectively in the little time that they offer.

How could anybody feel comfortable and confident with just a couple of days to learn a new business? You are simply getting more hands-on training with us with more than enough effective learning time to comprehend and ask questions.

An Innovative Marketing Power Package with Leads Provided and 2 Full Years of Marketing

The Finance Marketing GroupMarketing is one of the most important topics we spend time on. We actually spend about a day and a half on effective marketing and empowering and equipping you with the necessary tools to succeed in this business. Our time-tested innovative marketing techniques and principles allow you to start earning income immediately.

Our founder, actually owns the nation’s only dedicated full service finance marketing agency, The Finance Marketing Group. That company handles the marketing needs for finance companies, banks and brokers throughout the country. This means your business will have a specialized marketing team consisting of over 30 people to coach, educate and handle any marketing need your business has.

When it comes to marketing no other company can say they know more than us.

We will go over internet marketing, direct marketing, free marketing, vendor marketing, email marketing, role playing scenarios, publication marketing and many more to get you clients for years to come.

No other program will give you pre-qualified leads that consist of businesses immediately needing your service. These leads consist of real businesses looking for financing that you can do. In fact, this is the marketing outlet where some of our graduates get their first deal closed. On day 1 after our training, you will have businesses to talk to directly in need of any one of your services. We guarantee it!

Included in your investment with us is a top-notch identity package. Below is what is included in your investment.

  • A state-of-the-art custom website that is optimized and ready to market.
  • 1,000 leads to use with the world’s most reliable lead generation service.
  • A $1,000 credit to access real-time financing leads with a leading marketing service.
  • A custom stationery package that includes business cards, envelopes, and letterhead.
  • A comprehensive CD that contains all necessary forms, legal documents, marketing materials, and applications that you will need to successfully operate your new business.
  • A detailed training manual that has everything we covered in your 7 days with us so you can conveniently reference the information.
  • Lender information that highlights and outlines their programs.

To help get your business off the ground we provide you a full year of marketing which includes:

  • Social Media Management: This is where you have a dedicated team of social media experts that know commercial finance building up a following through social media and help build brand awareness and bring leads through their efforts.
  • Content Marketing: Our dedicated writers will develop fresh content for your blog each month that will be tailored to the products you want to offer. We will optimize them for better search engine presence and make you a thought leader in the industry.
  • Email Marketing: We will work with your database of contacts and build brand awareness and let everyone know about all your products. We will develop fresh content each month to stay in front of your contacts, track your open rates and click throughs, and report back to you.

Then we also have our exclusive Platinum Program which includes additional marketing services.

No other commercial loan broker training program even comes close to providing what we give our graduates in term of marketing. Not only do we educate you in marketing this business but we actually do it for you. Some programs want you to work off their forms and applications to submit business to them. Other finance broker training programs have never played the role of actually owning a specialized digital marketing agency. With our program you getting marketing services included in our training fee so you don’t have to worry about those things when you out running your business. Let the experts handle it for you so you can just close deals.

No other program will give you pre-qualified leads that consist of businesses immediately needing your service and looking for your service. We guarantee it. No other training company has the marketing experience that we have as banks, finance companies and brokers hire The Finance Marketing Group to handle their marketing needs.

The Fact That We Pre-Qualify Our Graduates

One of the many reasons our graduates are so successful is the fact that we actually pre-qualify people interested in taking our program. Unlike some companies we have seen, we are not interested in having large classes of 15 people and simply accepting everybody that wants to take our program.

Upon interest in our program you will go through an extensive interview process with senior management along with a confidential questionnaire that our senior executives use to determine whether we think you’re a good fit for this business model. We look for certain qualities that our lenders and we deem to be assets to success in operating a finance company. Finance experience is a plus, but you don’t have to have previous finance experience to be successful in this business.

We look for qualities such as, but not limited to: education, previous business experience, employment history, previous business ownership, sales experience, life accomplishments etc.

Why do we use this method? Well, we believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. We’ve found that our process and model produce more satisfied, more successful entrepreneurs. Our process also satisfies our lenders, showing them that our graduates are better qualified to help them develop more success in their own businesses. This kind of training is typically only found in franchise opportunities that cost well over $100,000 in startup costs (even though the cost of this business model is well under that).

The bottom line is this: we have a vested interest in your long-term success. And we’ll prove it with our continuous support, even after you’ve graduated.

We can almost be sure that other training companies and business opportunities that require a similar investment as us don’t employ this method to the extent that we do. Sure, they will take your money promising you the world, but are they really seeing if you have what it takes to operate what they teach? This could be the reason why some of these companies have numerous complaints about them with unsatisfied customers.

We Go Beyond Just Teaching You The Finance Business

Being an entrepreneur and running any business has its challenges no matter what type of business you own. Upon graduating our program not only will you know how to run your own finance business but you will know how to deal with life’s everyday issues that a business owner routinely comes across.

We feel that it is important to teach our graduates a solid foundation in general business principles that will be invaluable to running a finance business. We cover important topics such as self-employment health insurance, hiring additional employees or independent contractors, tax issues, goals and time management, organizational skills, etc.

Even if you currently own a business or have owned a business before, you will gain a new perspective on successfully running a business. This is just another characteristic that distinguishes us from some of the other companies that are out there.

A lot of business opportunities promise to teach you “their business model,” but do they teach you effective skills to be a successful entrepreneur in general? What good is it to know a business model when you don’t know the basic principles of owning a business in the first place?

Getting More From Your Investment

As you can see, for a one-time fee of $25,000, you are getting the best possible commercial lending training program for your one time investment.

There will be a graduation dinner at a 5-star restaurant on the last night of training where your instructor and the Commercial Capital Training staff will celebrate your start to a new successful and prosperous venture.

As you can see, we feel that it is important for you to realize what other limited companies are offering compared to our one-of-a-kind loan broker training program. We hope this helps you in distinguishing the right program for you. We offer the most comprehensive training program to be successful in this lucrative industry. Feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our representatives.