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See How Our Startup Teaches Commercial Brokers How To Build Financial Empires

Commercial Lending Training | Commercial Capital Training GroupCommercial Capital Training Group CEO and Founder, Kris Roglieri was recently featured on discussing how the commercial lending training provided through his program can enable finance entrepreneurs with everything they need to start up a successful commercial finance business.

This extensive commercial lending training was developed to assist commercial loan brokers with the opportunity of heightening their careers to the next level. There are very few commercial loan broker training courses available, but the few that do exist do not provide the vast amount of knowledge, experience, resources, tools, marketing or lenders that CCTG provides.

The Forbes article primarily focuses on one area of the commercial finance spectrum and that is commercial real estate. Most commercial real estate agents are considered salespeople, thus lacking the entrepreneurial drive or lack of business sense to own their own business. Most commercial brokers are setup within an established real estate company’s infrastructure and provided with most of the tools and resources they need to earn a sufficient living. The brokers that do attempt to venture off on their own and try to start their own companies, but are not properly trained often get caught up in bad scenarios that hurt both the buyer and the seller and in most cases experience deals that never get finalized.

In a time and age when construction spending in the U.S. is on the rise, it is no wonder why so many entrepreneurs are seeking to get involved in this extremely lucrative business. With banks enforcing much stricter lending requirements, many business owners, and real estate agents are turning to alternative lenders for finasolutions.

Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) offers commercial loan brokers an intensive 7-day commercial lending training course that teaches them how to own their own finance business. The training covers a variety of alternative lending products that are made available through your finance business after completing the course. The instructors are veteran brokers with a vast amount of real life experience that is shared with you. You learn about the fundamentals of lending and securing financing for your clients. The course also covers, lead generation, marketing, business documents and scaling the business. Once you have completed the course, CCTG provides 24-7 support to your business and does whatever it takes to help you and your business succeed.

The article goes into more depth regarding the course and the industry and provides a full question and answer section with Kris Roglieri. Read the entire article here to see how owning a commercial finance business can be the best investment you ever make.

Forbes – This Startup Teaches Commercial Brokers How To Build Financial Empires