CCTG’s Exclusive Marketing Company Invited To Google

Google Partners AllStars SummitIt has been an amazing year for The Finance Marketing Group. With their team growing and marketing services expanding, it is with no doubt that The Finance Marketing Group is on it’s way to being the leading provider of traditional and digital marketing services for financial institutions all throughout the country.

For those that have not yet been introduced, The Finance Marketing Group is a full service digital marketing agency that is comprised of a medium sized team with years of experience, a multitude of expertness and a vigor for finance marketing.

Brittney Holcomb At GoogleplexThe company’s service list consists of fundamental digital and traditional marketing strategies such as online marketing, local marketing, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, website design and development, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, print marketing and so much more.

Another predominant aspect of The Finance Marketing Group is that they are the presiding digital marketing agency for all of the commercial finance companies that are set in motion through Commercial Capital Training Group. The marketing incentives offered by the Commercial Capital Training Group are sometimes a decisive factor for a lot of attendees that invest in the program, so it is the goal of The Finance Marketing Group to provide the services we assure are at the highest quality, for the success of the graduate’s business, Commercial Capital Training Group and The Finance Marketing Group.

Google T-RexWith that said, Commercial Capital Training Group is honored to report that the two leading paid search marketers representing The Finance Marketing Group and Certified Badged Partners of Google were selected to visit Google and take part in Google’s annual All-Stars Summit located at Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

Representatives of the Finance Marketing Group, Brittney Holcomb, Director of Paid Search and Kevin Schinnerer, Chief Marketing Officer were chosen to attend the annual summit based on high-ranking performance for generating leads for CCTG graduates through Google’s advertising channels.

This recognition was a momentous achievement for both Holcomb and Schinnerer because it was stated at the summit that out of the 15K agencies that are interlaced within the North American Google Partners Program, only 3,200 are badged (certified in google analytics and adwords) and only 50 agencies were chosen to attend this years ALL- STARS Summit.

Google Partners EcosystemBoth Holcomb and Schinnerer are highly proficient experts in the realm of Google advertising and had the opportunity to learn about upcoming Google products, Google company philosophies, key marketing strategies, new partnerships and whole lot of other really sophisticated concepts up and coming through Google.

We spoke with CEO and founder of CCTG, Kris Roglieri, whom also owns and operates The Finance Marketing Group, to get his perspective on this honor. Roglieri responded by stating “I couldn’t be more pleased with the performance, professionalism and dedication that this team has shown for marketing and our graduates. Also, for striving to be the best that they can be. They have taken the CCTG program to the next level and our graduates couldn’t be happier.”

Google CardboardAfter all was said and done, both Holcomb and Schinnerer acquired an experience that very few are privy to. They could not be more proud to have been recognized by such a high profile company like Google. Since returning home from their trip, both Holcomb and Schinnerer have returned to their adwords and analytics interfaces to continue their quest to optimize ads, research the finest keywords, expand their knowledge and strategies to enhance conversions, increase lead generation and create the best performing ppc campaigns for their clients.