Commercial Capital Training Group Moves to Five-Day Training

To accommodate a larger and more comprehensive financial services training program, Commercial Capital Training Group has expanded its program from a four-day intensive to a five-day intensive (now seven-day training).

The expansion was necessary due to Commercial Capital Training Group’s continued success building relationships with new lenders. The new five-day format will allow more time for students to meet with lenders, and provide more time for attendees of the program to effectively learn this business model.

“The additional day of training is going to make the program even better.” said Jon Cosentino, General Manager at Commercial Capital. “We can now showcase more lenders with innovative programs to our attendees.” “Also, this way we’ll be sure we’re providing the most comprehensive training we can and ensuring the continued success of this program.”

The Albany, NY based training program offers a comprehensive training program in the industry of commercial finance and provides full life-time support to all graduates of the program.

Commercial Capital Training Group’s new five-day training program is currently available.