New Lender Added Commercial Capital Training Group Program

Commercial Real Estate LenderAs the multi-family commercial finance marketplace continues to grow, our graduates have an increasingly lucrative opportunity. To help you take advantage of that opportunity, we’ve added a new, specialized multi-family lender to our roster.

Our new lender primarily funds multi-family commercial real estate across the nation for acquisitions or refinance. So whether you have a deal from New York or California, Texas or North Dakota, you’ll be equipped to offer competitive multi-family financing.

Graduates can take advantage of attractive and flexible loan terms and rates starting at 4.75% (for 3-15 year loans). Our new lender will focus on loans between $500,000 and $5,000,000, but retains the flexibility to do higher amounts.

As the premier commercial finance training program in the country, we strive to continuously deliver new and innovative programs to our past and future graduates. The addition of this program means that our graduates have access to over 24 different financing programs, allowing them to service many different commercial finance needs.