How Trump In Office May Affect Entrepreneurs

Donald Trump Helping Small BusinessesCommercial Capital Training Group Founder & CEO; Kris Roglieri was recently featured in The Huffington Post regarding his insight on how having Donald Trump as President of the United States may positively affect the entrepreneurs in this country.

The article written by Toby Nwazor offers an intellectual perspective at this year’s controversial presidential election from the standpoint of small business owners; those who fuel this country’s economy.

Nwazor covers taxes, trade, healthcare, and government regulation with Roglieri and how Trump’s policies on each affect those who run businesses, as well as the effects it has on the business owner’s employees. 

With all the emotional opinions surrounding this year’s election, it’s enlightening to look at the presidential candidates from a different, more reasonable viewpoint. 

Roglieri states in the article that he believes Trump is a logical candidate for commander in chief because of his experience in running businesses. While running the country can be similar to running a business, having someone with financial & economic experience, as well as with good negotiation skills can be a great asset for our country. 

While many Americans are concerned with their personal financials when it comes to the presidential election, rarely do they think about how a particular candidate’s policies may affect their careers and how the changes affecting their employers for better or worse, really trickle down to themselves; the employees. 

Major changes in taxes, trade, and healthcare affect not just one group of Americans, but everyone. Roglieri does a great job discussing from a non biased standpoint, how this chain of events affects everyone, especially those small businesses who employ 3 or more people.

More and more U.S. citizens keep preaching a movement of change for not only this country’s economy but also for the quality of living. Is Trump the candidate who is capable of making the change this country desperately needs? Maybe you will feel so after reading this article. Find the full article here: 4 Ways Entrepreneurs Could be Affected With Donald Trump in Office