Kris Roglieri Featured In The Washington Post ‘On Small Business’

Commercial Capital Training Group founder and CEO; Kris Roglieri was recently interviewed in the article ‘Small business guide: Where to find Capital’ featured in this weeks edition of the Washington Post’s “On Small Business” section.

Kris Roglieri washington post

Roglieri goes on to discuss the various options and opportunities available for business owners to find the capital they need and where to go to obtain it.

The article touches on the rising competition in the lending market as alternative financing begins to surface for borrowers. As well as how bank lending is making a comeback after softening some of their loan restrictions over the last year.

Aside from traditional institutional financing, Roglieri discusses how crowdfunding especially through platforms online, works for borrowers and investors and why it has become so popular.

Read the full story, here: Small business guide: Where to find capital By J.D. Harrison