Kris Roglieri Speaks With YNN Regarding Japan Relief Efforts

Kris Roglieri, CEO and founder of The Commercial Capital Training Group, sat down with Capital Region YNN this Saturday to discuss how Commercial Capital Training Group is working to encourage local businesses to donate to the Japan relief effort. You can watch the video by clicking the link below (link removed).

Roglieri was asked his thoughts on the recent earthquake, tsunami and continuing devastation that is occurring in Japan and Roglieri has asked that his business colleagues and other business leaders take action to donate money to the people affected by these recent events. Commercial Capital Training Group has contributed a donation to the Red Cross to assist in aiding the relief efforts that are taking place.

“We give to a core charity each month, but when the disaster happened in Japan, it really hit home,” said Roglieri.  “I have had clients that we have done business with over the years, who are believed to have perished. I firmly believe that in a disaster of this magnitude, companies that are healthy should step up to the plate and contribute in any way possible.”

Gary Striar, Regional Chief Executive Officer for the American Red Cross, was quoted stating “The American Red Cross is grateful to people like Kris Roglieri for their support of our fundraising efforts to help Japan recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami,and that this continued incredible generosity helps the Red Cross respond to disasters across the street, around the country and around the world.”

Mr. Roglieri is a accomplished entrepreneur that has been a part of the financial world for more than 15 years and owns several finance businesses. His first business was started in 1994 and specializes in providing capital to business owners looking for financing. His latest business venture is the Commercial Capital Training Group which was established in 2009 and focuses on training entrepreneurs like himself to start their very own commercial finance business.

Roglieri added that “This is a disaster that affects not only Japan, but the international financial community in so many ways. As leaders in Japan are working tirelessly to stabilize the health and welfare of its citizens and financial markets, I believe that our industry should pitch in and help out.”

( is now Time Warner News and the video interview has been removed)

Don’t forget to visit the American Red Cross and make your own donation to aid Japan.