National News Sources Take Interest In Commercial Capital Training Group

Commercial Capital Training Group has piqued the interest of national television with its influential financial knowledge and teachings. Business Day, a television show hosted by football legend Terry Bradshaw, recently traveled to Commercial Capital Training Group’s headquarters in Albany to tape a featured segment on the company’s program and the remarkable success its students are experiencing.

Commercial Capital Training Group is a one-of-a-kind company that trains entrepreneurs from all walks of life on how to operate their own successful commercial finance company. The materials and instruction received by these students have created a shift in thought on commercial finance. Where once those looking for business funding could only receive assistance from banks and credit unions, Commercial Capital Training Group has taught hundreds how to provide alternate lending sources, helping businesses of all size grow and flourish. This change in practices is crucial for commercial success in this turbulent economy.

Business Day chose Commercial Capital Training Group for a featured segment largely due to its revolutionary approach to lending and its impact on business. “We were honored to be contacted by Business Day and thought appearing on the show would not only be a great way to promote our practices, but would also lift a veil on lending and finance that has stymied our economy,” says Jon Cosentino, General Manager of Commercial Capital Training Group. The amount of graduates, and subsequent independent lending brokerages, the group produces could not be ignored.

Business Day airs on both Fox Business News and CNN Headline News. Commercial Capital Training Group’s appearance is currently scheduled to air in February of 2011.