CCTG Founder; Kris Roglieri Featured in Small Business Opportunities Magazine

CCTG Small Business Opportunities Financing Your Small BusinessCommercial Capital Training Group’s Founder; Kris Roglieri was recently featured in ‘Financing Your Small Business‘ published in Small Business Opportunities magazine, discussing the alternative lending options entrepreneurs and business owners have available to them to secure financing for their enterprise.

The article covers alternative options for financing for when the banks say “No” to your loan request and the 5 things you should know about business financing.

Commercial Capital Training Group founder and CEO, Kris Roglieri, through his companies has lent more than $3 billion to businesses throughout the country and has created more than 400 entrepreneurs through his commercial loan broker training program.

A major issue among small businesses is accessing capital and sometimes in a hurry. Banks are saying “No” to loan requests more so than often, so the emergence of the alternative lending service has arrived.

The article goes on to cover the multiple commercial lending solutions available to business owners. Roglieri provided insights on 5 of the top options for business owners to consider and research.

Some of the products discussed throughout the article are financing solutions banks do not offer as part of their traditional loan program, which makes these products even better for small business owners because they have been established to provide capital for specific business need.

Financing solutions like factoring, which entails selling your accounts receivables at a discount to the lender and receiving capital immediately for your business. For a very small percentage of the invoice, you can access up to 90% of the invoice within one day.

Sale-leaseback equipment financing is another product referred to within the article that allows a business owner the ability to finance equipment for their business, whether it is for construction, food services or office, basically any type of equipment, you have the option of selling equipment you own and receiving the equity from that equipment and then leasing that equipment back from the lender.

The article offers multiple insights on the commercial financing options available to small business owners in need of capital in order for their business to grow.