Founder Kris Roglieri Quoted in New Whitepaper Published by Entrepreneur Magazine Alum

Commercial Capital Training Group founder and president Kris Roglieri is quoted in a new whitepaper published by former editorial director of Entrepreneur Magazine, Now CEO of GrowBiz Media, Rieva Lesonsky.

The whitepaper, “The 4 Biggest Credit Mistakes Small Business Owners are Making (and How to Fix Them)”, taps Roglieri’s experience as a lending expert to help educate small business owners to make better choices with their credit cards.

Roglieri states:

When people have excessive utilization and they can’t find a viable strategy to alleviate their problem then one of two things happen. They either can’t get any financing or they have to get more expensive financing. That expense will come in higher rates and fees and/or collateral requirements.

Roglieri is quoted with other small business and credit experts, including a Wall Street Journal Executive Director, and a President and leading credit expert of a credit website.

Read the article here.